MSO's Defined High Downforce Kit gives your McLaren wing

Available on the 570S Coupé / 570S Spider

MSO Defined High Downforce Kit
MSO Defined High Downforce Kit / Image Credit: McLaren
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McLaren Special Operations, or MSO, can build anything a customer desires, but sometimes buyers don't even know what that is. So McLaren's bespoke division offers a variety of preconceived accessories and options to choose from. The new MSO Defined High Downforce Kit is for those who want to take the performance of their 570S up a notch, or maybe just give it the look of a track car.

MSO is technically split into two entities in regards to new cars: MSO Bespoke and MSO Defined. Bespoke is for any extreme special-order customization, and Defined offers ready-made choices. On Sports Series cars, MSO Defined features include a carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber exterior door inserts, a carbon fiber rear bumper, and colored seat belts. The newest addition to the order book is the High Downforce Kit.

The High Downforce Kit, available on the 570S Coupe and Convertible, includes a pedestal carbon fiber wing, drag-reducing "guide vanes" on the underside of the car, and a high-mounted center stop light to accommodate rear visibility. The gloss wing has contrasting end plate inserts painted in Palladium Grey with Silver Chromatic MSO branding, while the pylons are painted Satin Black with Palladium Grey inserts.

According to McLaren, the High Downforce Kit adds 165 pounds of additional downforce. The company says it was tested for 10,000 miles at the Applus IDIADA test track in Spain.

McLaren made no mention of how much the High Downforce Kit costs, but it can be configured now.

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