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2020 Chevy Corvette spied with reduced aero on a high-speed test track

The car was photographed at one of GM's proving grounds

2020 Chevy Corvette
2020 Chevy Corvette / Image Credit: KGP Photography
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We're less than two months away from the reveal of the long-awaited mid-engine 2020 Chevy Corvette. The C8 has been roaming around for years at this point, shedding more and more camouflage, and yet we know next to nothing about the car beyond the basic shape and a few blurry shots of the car's interior. Presumably it will be powered by a V8 resting between the passengers and the rear axle, but everything beyond that is speculation. Chevy is still deep in development; don't expect to see the C8 on sale before the end of 2019. That said, we can ogle at these new spy shots from GM's proving grounds.

Despite being taken with a rather long lens, these are some of the clearest photos we've had yet. The car was apparently doing high-speed testing, hence the slight banking on some of the photos. The most interesting thing to note in these photos is the lack of a rear wing or front splitter. That makes sense if engineers are tuning the car for triple digits and suggests that there may be optional aero packages like the current Corvette. Each C7 variant, from the Stingray to the ZR1, has at least one optional aero package that improves downforce and grip but reduces the car's top speed.

That's about all we can glean from these photos, so stay tuned for more over the next few months. We'll be on hand for the car's reveal on July 18. If you can't wait (or are just interested in one of the best sports cars around), there are plenty of really amazing deals on brand-new C7s. Check them out using our Car Finder tool.

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