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Chevy Blazer spied in three-row guise

It's probably for China

Chevy Blazer 3-Row
Chevy Blazer 3-Row / Image Credit: KGP Photography
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Chevy has made it clear that it's been thinking about a three-row version of the 2019 Chevy Blazer. The company showed a concept that was exactly that, called the FNR-CarryAll, in Chinar. Rumors then began circulating that it would go into production. Now we have evidence that Chevy is developing it with the long Blazer shown in the above spy shots.

Although it's covered up well, signature Blazer design cues come through such as the low roofline and short windshield. The Blazer's big grille also peeks out from behind the vinyl. Then there's the long and slightly curvy nose that's hard to hide. Peel away the coverings and it probably would look just like a Blazer. The only big difference is that it's much longer than the two-row crossover we know today. The wheelbase is longer and so is the roof.

Despite this vehicle being tested in the U.S., we believe it may be specifically for the Chinese market, and it may not be offered here. For one thing, the concept was clearly designed for a Chinese show, not the U.S. And we already have a big three-row crossover available here in the Chevy Traverse. Finding space between it and the two-row Blazer would be tricky. That wouldn't be an issue in China where the only three-row Chevy offers is the overseas-market Orlando, which is smaller than the Blazer. And a past report indicated that this big Blazer would be a good vehicle for markets without the Traverse. Now of course with how hot the crossover market is, there's always a chance demand could prompt Chevy to offer a three-row variant of the Blazer, we believe it won't be available in America, at least initially.

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