Chevrolet offers clues about the new C8 Corvette in new video

Could the reveal date double as its Nurburgring lap time?

In case you forgot, Chevrolet is preparing to unveil the new mid-engine Corvette C8 this summer, and the brand helpfully has released a new 28-second teaser clip to keep the anticipation and hype at Hellcat-like levels.

On the surface, there's nothing particularly new offered in the new video. But as is often the case with teasers, there may be clues buried within.

The video mixes historic footage of older Corvette logos and models, the latter in near-subliminal brief glimpse edits, and it gives us a look at Zora Arkus-Duntov, the American engineer responsible for infusing the Corvette with its performance bonafides, donning racing goggles and a helmet at the track. Among the 'Vettes that feature in the spot are the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle, the 1959 experimental race car, the first-generation C1 convertible, which ran from late 1953 through 1962, a pair of C2 Sting Rays and the 1959 concept they were based on, and so forth. There's also footage of the new startup animation that Chevy illustrated in a nifty video yesterday.

Back to those breadcrumbs we alluded to. A digital readout counts up to 07.18.19, the C8's reveal date. Or is that something else — like, say, the car's Nurburgring lap time? Seeing as how the teaser mixes footage from a front-mounted camera of a vehicle zooming around said track, it seems possible. There's also speculation, based on the audio of the C8 navigating the track, that we could be listening to a manual gearbox at work.

Chevy offers only that the C8 is "the most anticipated Corvette ever," adding that "Each innovation, each achievement has driven us to this moment." We'll know more on July 18, but who are we kidding? We'll be sure to keep on top of the constant trickle of C8 news dribbling out of Detroit.

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