Hyundai phone app adjusts EV performance settings

Set the right balance of speed, frugality, then take it with you

The latest automotive tech frontier is phone control. A few car companies have launched or are about to launch the ability to use your phone as your key, such as with the Tesla Model 3 and the just revealed 2020 Lincoln Corsair. Aside from being convenient, the technology offers the ability to save settings for different users. The latest application of the technology comes from Hyundai and Kia for electric cars, specifically letting users set performance parameters and bring them from car to car.

The app allows the user to adjust several performance settings including amount of torque available, speed limits, throttle response, regenerative braking response, climate control energy use and acceleration aggressiveness. Basically, you can decide whether you want all-out speed, long-range, or a blend of the two. The more detailed settings are also nice compared to choosing between three or four pre-set blends of performance like on many cars. And of course parents would surely like the ability to limit speed and power for new drivers.

What's perhaps more interesting are the ways settings can be brought along and shared. Hyundai suggests that when using a car-sharing program, drivers could have their settings uploaded to whatever car is being used so that you don't have to readjust things each time. People could also share their preferred combinations for others to use, possibly offering people less compromised combinations than they otherwise would have come up with. Hyundai could also offer recommended settings or tweaks to combinations to optimize efficiency or performance in certain conditions. It's all interesting stuff, especially for control freaks and tinkerers, and we'll see it in the near future. Hyundai and Kia say it will show up in future vehicles, though an exact date wasn't given.

Hyundai Ioniq EV Information

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