'VETTE C8' license plate on eBay from forward-thinking California entrepreneur

This isn't the seller's only unique license plate for sale

You know the hype for a car is real when people create fan swag before the car even debuts. The official release date for the upcoming decades-awaited mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 is still unknown, yet a money-minded fellow in California is already trying to take advantage of the anticipatory build-up. A pair of vanity plates that read, "VETTE C8" is currently listed on eBay for several hundreds of dollars.

Spotted by GM Authority, eBay user estatesalespecialists posted the specialty black and yellow legacy license plates for a buy-it-now price of $495. With free shipping, that would be a pure profit of $445, as California's 1960s replica plates cost $50.

Although the plate might appear to be an opportunistic cash grab (well, it still is), estatesalespecialist's entire account is dedicated to these '60s vanity plates. Aside from Alfa Romeo Spider wheels and parts for a Cessna, there are more than 40 different specialty car-themed plates. Some of the standouts include WESTY VW, FJCRUZE, 1976 OH2 (BMW 2002), TEE RSIX (Triumph), BMW NK (Neue Klasse), and 79 911SC. The user also sells several modern or upcoming car plates, including ARTEON, GIULIA Q, CADI CT6, BMW EM2, BMW X2, and AUDI TTS. Every single plate listing is posted for $495, so the Vette plate is surprisingly not elevated.

The C8 has the potential to be the Chevrolet's most impressive and advanced car of all time, so there's no question it will attract attention in droves. Pair that with California's thriving car culture, its affinity for specialty plates, and the overall importance placed on appearances, and it certainly seems like there's probably somebody out there who must have this plate. Or, if they wanted to be less obvious, they could go with CEIGHT.

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