It's like bike-sharing but for wheelchairs.

Moby from Italdesign is a wheelchair-sharing system. The concept is one of five finalists for the Toyota Mobility Foundation's $4 million Mobility Unlimited Challenge. Italdesign says Moby is the first mobility service designed for wheelchair users, and describes it as "the bicycle-sharing system equivalent for wheelchairs."

Moby consists of "wheel-on" semi-autonomous electric devices that are located in urban hubs. It aims to make traveling around cities easier for people with lightweight wheelchairs. Users book Moby through an app. Then navigate to the closest hub to access the pre-booked Moby with their own wheelchair. Users can simply return Moby to the closest hub when finished. Moby features integrated systems that help users avoid collisions with fixed or mobile obstacles. Moby has also been designed to easily overcome architectural barriers.

Learn more at italdesign.it

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