First robot vehicles ready to deliver groceries to consumers in Arizona

Nuro R1 will travel on public roads all by itself up to 25 mph

Nuro R1 autonomous pod
Nuro R1 autonomous pod / Image Credit: Nuro
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The first autonomous taxis were unleashed on the public by Waymo a short time ago in Arizona. Now, the state is getting another self-driving experiment in the form of the Nuro R1 grocery-getter. Starting now, residents of Scottsdale can order groceries from Kroger-owned Fry's Food Stores, and be greeted by a robot at their curb.

This Nuro R1 looks like your stereotypical autonomous pod, and is the first of its kind to begin operating autonomously in the U.S. Nuro has been testing this vehicle since 2016, and it will accelerate up to 25 mph. The plan is to run it on public roads with that maximum speed limit, so don't expect any cross-town grocery deliveries quite yet. It is electric, but information on maximum range wasn't available. We asked how far this thing will get from its Fry's Food home, and will update if we hear back.

A single delivery will run you $5.95, no matter how much or how little you order. To place an order, those in Scottsdale can use the store's website or app seven days a week. Once it arrives, you have to walk out to the R1 and retrieve the groceries. It does not deposit them into your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator, sadly.

From the photos, these things actually look pretty sizable. Though much narrower than most cars, it's as tall as a normal crossover. Remote operators have controllers to take over if any problems occur. Nuro has also been testing Priuses with its autonomous driving technology for some time. These Toyotas are part of the grocery delivery service, but they have humans in the front seat, ready to take over. So yes, the robots are coming. And they're bringing you food.

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