Toyota Supra Super GT Concept to be revealed at Tokyo Auto Salon

One more race car concept before the production-spec reveal

Even though we're only about a month from the 2020 Toyota Supra making its Detroit debut, Toyota is still going to shoehorn in one final Supra concept before the real one is shown. The concept in question is yet another race car variant, and it will be shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon literally days before the production model. The unique aspect of this concept is that it's designed specifically for the Japanese circuit racing series known as Super GT.

Along with the announcement comes the teaser image above. The car in the photo certainly looks like a Supra, and we can't tell much else. It does have an enormous rear wing, and it looks as though the front and back ends have been reshaped. The front looks longer and lower, and the back is much more squared-off, especially compared with the GR Sport race car concept. This is somewhat expected, as Super GT cars tend to have heavily modified bodywork with more aggressive wheel arches and aerodynamics.

Toyota, unsurprisingly, gave no details about the car besides the teaser image, as well as the dates it will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon — Jan. 11-13. And then we'll see the production Supra in Detroit either on January 14 or 15 during the press preview. That means we probably won't get many technical details on the Super GT car, since Toyota won't want to give anything away about the real car, but at least we won't have to wait long for the production details.

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