2019 Chevy Camaro pricing revealed in configurator

Four-cylinder and V6 get a little cheaper

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If you've read our review of the new four-cylinder 2019 Chevy Camaro 1LE, you know that pricing for that model has been announced. It's not the only 2019 Camaro with pricing, though. We've discovered that the configuration tool for the updated model has gone live in 95 percent completed form. It has all the options and pricing, all it's missing is photos of the different vehicles. While it would be fun to actually see the car we've built, we're more than happy to finally know what the car will cost, and it can be more or less than the current one.

Starting with the turbocharged four-cylinder Camaro, the base price appears to have dropped $405 to $26,495. This is for the 1LT, which is the new entry-level point for consumers. Oddly, the 1LS, the base trim on the 2018 model, is still listed, but says "See dealer for pricing." It may be that the 1LS trim will be a special-order trim, perhaps for fleets or for some other purpose. Supporting that theory is the fact that it only has one wheel design available, and can't be had with an automatic. The same situation and price difference applies to the V6, which now starts at $27,990, $405 less than the 2018 version. Adding the 1LE package adds $4,500 to the price, and selecting a convertible adds $6,000.

The savings end with the Camaro SS. The base-level 1SS starts at the same $37,995 as last year's model. The 1LE package is the same $7,000 as last year's model, too, and the convertible upcharge is $6,000 as with the smaller engine options. The Camaro ZL1 actually increases in price, and this is due to a higher gas guzzler tax. The new final price is $64,195 for the coupe, which is $400 more than the 2018 example.

Other interesting notes from the configurator are the addition of a few new colors. For no charge, there is a new medium dark blue hue called Riverside Blue Metallic and another silver color called Satin Steel Gray Metallic. Hyper Blue Metallic leaves the premium color list, and in its place is the bright orange seen in our four-cylinder 1LE review. That color is called Crush and costs an extra $395, just like the carryover color Garnet Red Tintcoat. Some new stripe options appear called Spider Stripes and Stinger Stripe. Unfortunately since images aren't fully supported in the configuration tool, we can't tell what they look like. There are of course a myriad of other very minor changes such as wheel design options and accessories.

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