2019 Acura NSX gets a refresh and an eye-catching new color

Acura pulled off the wraps at The Quail

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After two model years and about 1,000 deliveries to the U.S., Acura's given the 2019 model a few enhancements and a small price bump. The car debuted at The Quail, A Motorsport Gathering, during the festivities surrounding Pebble Beach. While there are no major powertrain changes, some new color options and a few chassis refinements will be appreciated by NSX fans.

Let's start with the hardware, since this is a sports car, after all. Most important, there's new all-season rubber, still Continental SportContacts but the next version thereof — the 6. Acura claims better handling in all conditions, and the way tire technology has been improving, we'd believe it. The optional Pirelli Trofeo Rs remain — and remain highly recommended for anyone looking to sample the NSX on track, which is an exhilarating experience.

Acura says the rest of the enhancements we'll mention shaved a full two seconds off the car's time at Suzuka, so take that for what it's worth. They consist of a 26 percent stiffer front sway bar and 19 percent stiffer rear bar; 21 percent stiffer rear toe link bushings; a 6 percent stiffer rear hub; and a new software calibration for the computer controlled bits: the SH-AWD system, magnetorheological dampers, electric power steering, and stability control systems. For a car as precisely engineered as the NSX, these are relatively significant improvements. Don't necessarily expect it to shave two seconds off your personal best lap time, but if you're highly attuned to the chassis dynamics, the '19 NSX should offer more precise and direct feedback to the driver.

2019 Acura NSX

No need to be precisely attuned to the cosmetic changes — they're pretty obvious. Thermal Orange, a new exterior color, and the chrome beak-ectomy (it's not body colored) crown the exterior changes. Inside, the leather/Alcantara combo seats are now available in blue, and the full leather seats can be had in red.

While the price for the 2019 model has gone up by $1,500, Acura says that there's now $4,700 in formerly optional equipment (power seats, satnav, premium audio, parking sensors, and sport pedals) included as standard equipment. That sounds like a good deal to us. If you want one, the order books are open and cars will be delivered starting in October.

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