Dusty Lamborghini Countach uncovered after decades

Reddit user credits grandparents' taste in Italian supercars

Check the attic carefully, because your grandparents might have an Italian supercar hidden in plain sight.

That seems to be the case with this Reddit user — who goes by the name egriegin — when she posted a photo of one very dusty Lamborghini Countach, along with the intriguing headline, "Despite the dust and rust, grandma's 1981 Lamborghini Countach is the coolest." So what's the story? Well, don't get too excited, because the car is not for sale (yet).

According to the Reddit poster, this Countach was purchased by her grandfather in 1989 to be used in his exotic car rental company. "But after insurance costs became too high for him to operate the company," she explains, "he kept the car (and many others including the Ferrari 308 in front of the Lambo) outside/in leaky garages for 20+ years instead of selling them. Don't ask me why, I have no clue."

Another news outlet reported the car as a "barn find," though the original poster quickly pointed out the car had never been forgotten, just left to sit for a long time.

"Let's clear some things up: these aren't my cars and never will be, they're not for sale (yet)," wrote egriegin. "They've been in this garage for less than 15 years and everyone's known they were there, so not really a "barn find.""

So if you're in the market for Lamborghini Countach in need of a little TLC — and one very good dusting — it seems your online search will have to continue.

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