2019 Audi A8 starts at $84,795 with a turbocharged V6

It goes on sale this fall, and a V8 comes next year

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It has been a full year since we first saw the 2019 Audi A8 flagship luxury sedan, and more than half a year since we drove it. Now we finally know how much it costs and when we can get it here. It goes on sale this fall, and the base price with destination charges is $84,795.

That puts it at just $150 more than the base rear-drive BMW 7 Series, and about $3,000 less than the all-wheel-drive version. It's also about $6,000 less than a base rear-drive Mercedes S-Class. While that makes the Audi A8L a good value in the German luxury car scene, competitors from other countries undercut it. The Lexus LS starts at under $80,000 and every version of the Cadillac CT6 starts at less than the Audi with the exception of the CT6 Platinum, which starts at $85,290.

The Audi A8's base price nets just one available body style, the long-wheelbase model, fitted with a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 making 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. It's coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive. And for the time being, this is the only engine available in the A8. For those that simply can't deal with six cylinders, a V8 version is coming in summer 2019.

As with European Audi A8Ls, the American version will be available with a number of high-tech optional features. Among them is a suspension that can raise and lower each wheel preemptively in order to better handle bumps and aid in handling. Four-wheel steering and an adaptive cruise control that can handle acceleration, braking and steering at low speeds are also available. Audi specifically says that the adaptive cruise is a hands-on system. It is not to be confused with the Level 3 semi-autonomous technology the company previewed for the car. According to a representative, the company is not yet ready to offer it in the U.S. based on a variety of factors including legal ones. Of course all of these features, and certainly the aforementioned V8, will cost more than the nearly $85,000 base price.

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