Fiat 500 Lego Ideas kit is super cool and close to production

It has been updated since the last time we saw it

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Back in 2016, we highlighted an awesome Lego Fiat 500 model that was submitted to the Lego Ideas website. The website, for those of you unfamiliar, is where Lego fans can submit their creations to potentially become production kits that other people could buy. That kit was still in the early stages of hitting 10,000 supporters, the number needed to officially be considered by Lego. We have learned that the kit is now really close to hitting the goal. It has reached 8,255 supporters at the time of writing, and it has 139 days remaining to hit the goal.

It's worth supporting, too, if you haven't. We felt that way when we first wrote about it. We were impressed by its opening doors, hood, trunk lid and sunroof. Plus, it's full of cool little details such as windshield wipers, a spare tire under the hood, a little rendition of the 500's already small engine in the back, and a nicely detailed interior.

We're also impressed at how the creators, Felix Stiessen and Gabriele Zannotti, have been refining the model since we last saw it. It now has clear bricks to form a solid windshield, and there are a number of areas in which the model has been smoothed out and cleaned up. The car's front and roof are key examples. The bumper is now rounded at the corners, and the hood takes advantage of more curved pieces that slope forward for a rounder look.

If you want the chance to get one of these 500 kits yourself, definitely go to the Lego Ideas website, sign up, and hit the support button. It doesn't cost anything, and you can find other neat kits to support. There's a very real possibility of the kit reaching production, too. A really cool Lego Caterham kit that garnered enough support on Lego Ideas was approved for production back in 2016, and it's still available for purchase at the Lego website for $79.99.

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