This sweet Fiat 500 Lego kit could be a reality if it gets enough support

If you like it, vote for it. It's that simple.

Lego has been on a roll the last couple years with kits for automotive gearheads, and there's no end in sight. The company just released a sweet VW Beetle kit and will soon launch a Caterham kit. That's no reason not to ask for more though, so we encourage you to support this Fiat 500 project.

The project is on the Lego Ideas website, where people can upload projects to share with other builders. The website also lets people support their favorite projects, and with enough votes, the kit will officially be considered for production. In fact, that's what happened with the aforementioned Caterham kit.

Why support this Fiat project, though? Well, just look at it. The quality is excellent, which is evident by how well the compact and curvy lines of the little Italian are captured in the blocky medium. It also has all the details consistent with Lego's most recent kits such as badge and license plate stickers, a comprehensive interior with pedals and tilting seats, opening doors, and a tiny brick version of the two-cylinder engine. The creator, who interestingly goes by the name saabfan, also added special touches like a removable luggage rack and a sunroof that can be opened up. And wouldn't the Fiat 500 be an excellent complement to Lego's Beetle and Mini Cooper kits?

Even if this project receives enough support, it's no guarantee that it will make it to production. Licensing would be a big road block to a retail release, but it's not impossible. So check out the video above to see some of the great details, and head over to the project page to vote for it.

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