Porsche re-created the company's original 356 prototype

It shows what the real car looked like originally

  • Image Credit: Porsche
Porsche has recently re-created a key piece of its history, building a replica of the body of the very first 356 sports-car prototype. Porsche created a 3D scan of the actual 1948 car and compared it with drawings and photos to figure out the size and shape of that first body. It then milled a fullsize model from foam and began to rebuild the body by hand. Along the way, it was able to check the body with original wood templates. The company also figured out the original color based on a sample from the first 356 from under the dash.

The body was given a full interior and steering gear from a Beetle, but it won't be a running car. Instead it's just a show model meant to demonstrate what the actual car first looked like. Based on the comparison photos from Porsche, the replica is incredibly close to the original. If you want to see it, it will be touring to different events, including the Luxury and Supercar Weekend in Vancouver, Canada, from Sept. 8-9, and at the Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca from Sept. 27-30.

Although the original car exists, Porsche has kept that car in its current state in order to preserve its place in history. This replica shows what the 356 looked like in 1948.

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