Here's Audi's E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo — as an actual car

It's both a Gran Turismo car and a working real-world concept

  • Image Credit: Audi Sport
For some time, Audi has teased the E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo concept car's silhouette. Today, the E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo was unveiled as an actual, functioning vehicle, and it will be used as a "race taxi" at Formula E events.

The all-wheel-drive concept has three electric motors, each of which produces 200 kilowatts or 280 horsepower. There are two motors on the rear axle and one on the front, and the total power output is 815 horsepower — as a result the car hits 62 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. The E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo weighs a little less than 3,200 pounds, and the weight distribution is said to be ideal 50:50.

One of the cool things about the concept is its paint scheme, which Audi says has deliberately been chosen to reflect the late '80s IMSA GTO Audis, ones driven by Walter Röhrl, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Hurley Haywood and Scott Goodyear. Audi says the E-Tron concept here is the first Polyphony Digital Vision Gran Turismo collaboration that's a fully functional vehicle instead of a virtual car or a full-scale model. As Audi's Marc Lichte says: "Although the design of a virtual vehicle allows much greater freedom and the creation of concepts which are only hard to implement in reality, we did not want to put a purely fictitious concept on wheels. Our aim was a fully functional car."

The first outing for the E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo will be the Rome Formula E race on Saturday, April 14, and after that it will be driven at other Formula E events by Rahel Frey or Dindo Capello. Audi's guests and customers will get to experience passenger laps in the car at Formula E tracks. Gran Turismo gamers can also sample the concept on their console.

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