One of the unique aspects of the Gran Turismo racing game series is the line of Vision Gran Turismo cars. These are wild racing and sports car concepts dreamed up by car manufacturers, and they occasionally get a full-size, real-life rendition. The latest automaker to announce a Vision GT car is Audi Sport, the division of Audi responsible for R8 and RS cars. Its announcement came in a tweet from the official Gran Turismo Twitter account that featured a silhouette image of the car.

The car is extremely low, especially the nose, which is lower than the tops of the fenders. This suggests the hood also dips below the fenders. The greenhouse is one long, elegant arch, making this car look quite curvaceous. Being a high-performance car, possibly a race car, it also has a massive rear wing and rear diffuser.

Also interesting are some of the hashtags included in the tweet. Unsurprisingly, one of them is "quattro," which was the old name for Audi Sport, and of course the name of the company's all-wheel-drive system. So there's no doubt this car is all-wheel-drive. There's also a hashtag for "etron," which with a hyphen is the name for Audi's electrified E-Tron vehicles, the latest one of which will be a crossover. So we expect that this virtual car will be at minimum a hybrid, if not a full electric vehicle. We won't have to wait long to see the car, since it will be revealed on April 9 and available to drive in Gran Turismo Sport. And maybe if we're lucky, Audi will build a full-size show car shell to bring to shows.

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