2019 Hyundai Santa Fe shows off in four video teasers

Hyundai is ready to turn the lights on the 2019 Santa Fe, and in at least one case, that's the literal state of affairs. The PR folks at the carmaker's Korean HQ released four teaser videos, one of them a commercial demonstrating a few of the tech bits in the coming crossover such as Safe Exit Assist. That driver aid notifies occupants about to exit the vehicle when there's another vehicle approaching from behind, and will temporarily lock the doors to keep passengers from wrecking doors, vehicles, or themselves.

The other three vids highlight details throughout the Santa Fe's brand new bodywork, one of them devoted to the fourth-generation vehicle's lighting signatures. When Hyundai goes totally public with the crossover on February 21, we look forward to finding out which lights do what. Beyond that, we'll look to see if this split design lasts longer than the related aesthetic on the resurrected Jeep Cherokee. Elsewhere on the Santa Fe, we see there'll be multicolored digital dash gauges, the option of quilted seat inserts, and a set of dual rectangular exhaust tips.

Hyundai's managed to keep most of the Santa Fe's secrets ... secret, but we do know the 2019 model brings a larger footprint and more interior room. Tech goodies should include Rear Cross-Traffic Alert with integrated automatic braking, a Rear Occupant Alert that reminds a departing driver not to forget any precious cargo in the back seat, and some semi-autonomous assistance features. There have also been rumors that Hyundai will do more with this model to differentiate the three-row version from the two-row Santa Fe Sport. The first dose of real info comes on Wednesday, the public reveal goes down at next month's New York Auto Show.

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