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2020 Cadillac CT5 finally appears, hopes you think it's a Charger

We actually kind of wish the scoop would make it to production.

  • Image Credit: Chris Doane Automotive
This is our first look at what we expect to be the 2 020 Cadillac CT5 sport sedan, a one-to-rule-them-all replacement for the ATS, CTS and XTS. The name follows the scheme set by the CT6 and XT5.

The first thing that jumps out about the CT5 is the big hood scoop. We sincerely doubt that scoop will make it to production, and when combined with the scalloped shapes on the car's flanks, we and the spy photographer feel they're probably there to dupe people into thinking it's a weird Dodge Charger. The disguise isn't working, but the scoop surprisingly looks pretty good. Maybe Cadillac should consider putting one on an inevitable V model.

Moving past the fake bodywork, we can see that this CT5 takes inspiration from the Cadillac Escala concept. It has the long, almost fastback cabin and extra rear quarter window of that concept. The headlights are slim horizontal units, too, though they still sweep back a bit to bridge the gap between current models and the Escala. We also see that there's a decent amount of distance between the front axle and the base of the A-pillar, so we suspect that the sedan will retain rear-drive and optional all-wheel-drive drivetrains.

We don't have any other cars in the image to compare it to, but considering the cars the Cadillac CT5 will replace, we expect it's roughly the size of a CTS, maybe even a touch smaller to satisfy those who want a 3 Series/A4/C-Class size luxury sedan. It will also probably use one or more of the existing powertrains in the Cadillac sedan fleet, which include a turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder, naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6, and a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. We'll also probably see the production model sometime in 2019 since that's when the CTS and ATS will go to the big garage in the sky.

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