We traveled the world in 2017 on 8 insane automotive adventures | 'The List'

Lots of racing. Lots of costumes. Lots of fun.

"The List" hosts Jessi and Patrick spent all of 2017 checking awesome adventures off their automotive bucket list, from re-creating the classic-car enthusiast short film "Rendezvous" to taking part in The Gambler 500 road rally. In total, our hosts checked eight challenges off of their list of "1,001 car things to do before you die," taking them on travels across the United States and Europe.

Check out some highlights from the season as our hosts drive everything from a quint tiller fire truck to a Mazda Miata on super swampers. Patrick and Jessi re-enact some hilarious movie moments and create an epic commercial for a car that they designed themselves!

As we look ahead to 2018, be sure to send us your automotive bucket-list items. Who knows, maybe your submission will inspire Jessi and Patrick's next escapade.

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