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Driving a $500 junker in a 500-mile off-road rally race | 'The List' #0500

Yes, we do actually drive a route called "The Devil's Butthole"

Jessi and Patrick have done some insane rally races on " The List," but in an effort to continually out-do themselves, this might be the craziest yet. It's called the Gambler 500, and the idea is that 2,000-plus participants take $500 cars and drive them 500 miles across Oregon, mostly off-road. It's a maniacal mishmash of cars with not enough doors, too many doors, airplane wings strapped to the tops, graffiti'd cartoons on the hoods, stuffed animals hanging out the windows — you get the idea.

Our hosts start the race with an absolutely epic Mazda Miata sitting atop super swampers. It didn't have a top, but have no fear because it had a roll cage, so ... that's better? Unfortunately though, they didn't have time to customize the car fully to their liking before the race, so the first stop after the starting gun was naturally a garage sale for some knickknacks to give the car a little more flair. One of the defining aspects of the Gambler 500 is having the most obnoxious, bonkers car possible, and the old Miata needed a bit of a kick in the ass. Thankfully, the crew found the largest teddy bear in existence, strapped that bad boy to the roll cage, and they were on their way.

There are a few routes you can choose to take in the Gambler 500, and our crew chose the most challenging, called "The Devil's Butthole." A hilarious name for an outrageously fun route, it's definitely not one that many Miatas have likely tackled. And therein lies the gamble: Will they make it to the end? As always, you'll have to watch the episode above to find out. If you liked the episode, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube page and like our Facebook page for more exclusive content from " The List" and if you're interested in learning more about the Gambler 500 or even participating in the event, check out their official website or follow them on Facebook!

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