When a grainy photo surfaced of a Mustang purported to be the next Bullitt edition at a video shoot recently, we were a little skeptical that it was really, truly a new Bullitt Mustang. But the latest image credited to Tony Zaleski Jr. and posted by a user named "Bullitt" at the Mustang6G.com forum seems to all but confirm the special pony car is coming. In these admittedly still grainy images, we can see that this car has a medallion badge at the back with a circle and a word in the middle. This looks very much like the medallion on the 2008 Bullitt, which featured a round crosshair design with the logo from the movie Bullitt. We can't quite make out the word on this new version, but it's probably a safe bet it says "Bullitt."

2018 Ford Mustang Bullitt

Another shot of the profile also gives us a clearer look at the new wheels, which feature black centers and polished lips, much like the gunmetal pieces used on the last car. The user also reports the car had Brembo brakes and Recaro seats. The Brembo brakes could be evidence that the new Bullitt will come with the GT Performance Pack as standard equipment, meaning upgraded suspension and the shorter 3.73:1 rear axle ratio. Including this package as standard wouldn't be surprising, since past Bullitt Mustangs have included suspension and brake upgrades. There's also a possibility that Ford could include a small horsepower boost courtesy of a different intake, the precedent being the 2008 model that picked up an extra 15 horsepower thanks to a high-flow intake.

We expect we'll see something about the Bullitt Mustang as early as the Detroit Auto Show. After all, Ford is shooting video promos of this car, so it must pretty much be ready to go.

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