The refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang may just be hitting showrooms, but a new variant looks to be on the way soon. Thanks to our friends in the forums at, we have what looks like our first real glimpse of the revived Bullitt Mustang in all its green and black glory. One of the forum's users spotted a Ford video shoot in Chicago and managed to get a couple of dimly lit photos uploaded online. While we have no official word on the car from Ford, expect to see something as soon as the Detroit Auto Show in January.

While the photos don't provide much, the car here does look to sport the Highland Green paint you would expect on a Bullitt Mustang. The car also looks to have black wheels with a silver or chrome lip around the edge. Again, that's to be expected from a Bullitt-badged Ford. Look for this to be a variant of the current Mustang GT, though any further speculation is pointless.

The Bullitt Mustang was inspired by the car in the classic Steve McQueen film "Bullitt." The Mustang in that film became an instant icon thanks to one of the greatest car chase scenes ever put to film. Now we just need to pair this with the current Dodge Charger for a modern re-creation.

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