First Drive: 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt - Day 2

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For the second and final leg of our drive with the Bullitt, we took back roads up from Monterey to San Francisco with some great twisties that really put the new suspension to the test. Read on after the jump for more from Day 2 or click here to read about our adventure on Day 1...

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The additional seat time reinforced our initial impression that the Mustang Bullitt has an ideal setup for the street. We loved how the Shelby GT handled when pushed, but the Bullitt does 90% of that while offering a ride that doesn't jar you over bumps. Everything about the car responds just a tad quicker than the regular GT. We are also a big fan of the seats, which were wonderfully comfortable over several hours of driving. The fully leather-wrapped steering wheel, which had better grip and was more comfortable than the standard wheel, also drew praise. That exhaust sound was also wonderfully quiet when just cruising, but could be easily awakened with a touch of the throttle.

The Bullitt received no more attention than it did the previous day. Only a few knowledgeable Mustang buffs actually knew what they were looking at when they saw us pass by. We've also found reactions from current Mustang owners to be mixed. Half the people love the stripped down look, while others seem to be questioning whether Ford did enough with the car. Either there's not enough power, they didn't do enough with the styling, or it needs something to differentiate it from a stock GT and the V6.

While Ford definitely could have done more with the Bullitt, it makes sense that they didn't. They are going after the owner who doesn't want the frills. There is no spoiler. No quarter window louvers. There is no excess of badges letting everyone know that the car is special. The only available colors are Highland Green and Black – not exactly eye catching. Even the calipers, which were painted red on the 2001 version, have been painted grey to blend in with the wheels. Most people who see the car will give it only a slight glance, and that is what is intended. It was built to reflect the movie car, and only those who really know Mustangs will know what the car represents. Think of it this way – what would Steve McQueen drive? Definitely not something that would attract attention. After all, if there's a guy who doesn't need people to tell him he's cool, it's Steve McQueen.

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