When the first episode of season two of "The Grand Tour" airs on Amazon Prime, it won't include "Celebrity Brain Crash," the segment from season one in which a famous person dies while attempting to visit the big green tent in front of a live audience. That's fine with us — "Celebrity Brain Crash" was never a highlight of the show, and almost seemed like a distraction from the good stuff instead of a funny little aside. And it won't mean celebrities won't make appearances in "The Grand Tour" season two.

As you can see in the video above, Clarkson, Hammond, and May put their heads together in a brief meeting to come up with a replacement for the dead-celebrity gag. The best idea they come up with (which is the only idea they come up with) is to cut an Alfa Romeo in half, weld some steel into a safety cage of sorts, and drive the now-two-wheeled contraption around their racetrack. The Halfa Romeo, as dubbed by Clarkson, is just as difficult to pilot as you would expect. Looks like fun!

This is just one change to "The Grand Tour's" format for season two. The aforementioned tent is now stationary, permanently located in Cotswolds, UK. "The American," a character played by NASCAR driver Mike Skinner designed to embody every American-driver trope the show could cook up, is gone. And Richard Hammond is on crutches as he recovers from a near-death crash while filming a segment for the show in a Rimac Concept One.

So, will celebrities attempt to set lap times in the Halfa Romeo in season two? Or was this just a one-time gag to let us know "Celebrity Brain Crash" is no more? We'll find out on December 8.

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