Amazon Prime Day 2024

'Grand Tour' second season's launch date announced, and a new trailer drops

The boys are back, to the tune of "Live and Let Die."

We've gotten plenty of hints about the upcoming second season of "The Grand Tour" — the tent won't move, Jeremy Clarkson gets pneumonia, and Richard Hammond crashes a supercar — but we haven't quite known when all the fun begins.

Now we do. The season begins on Amazon Prime on Dec. 8. Subsequent episodes will be released weekly, and again, it's exclusively for Prime members.

Along with the date, Amazon Prime released the trailer you see above. If you are afraid of heights, don't watch the opening few seconds. But if you like cars, scenery, adrenaline and these three knuckleheads rendering mayhem and destruction in all its forms, it's all here.

Though the tent won't move from the Cotswolds in England, the presenters move around quite a bit — visiting Croatia (cue the car crash), Mozambique, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, Colorado and New York.

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