Honda showcases Civic Type R, Civic Si, Fit performance parts

Honda's sportiest cars can be made sportier, and better-looking.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
Though in many ways Honda's Civic Type R and Civic Si are plenty sporty and flashy from the factory, Honda has now revealed a few ways to make both cars flashier and sportier. Honda even gave the Fit some love. All this upgrade love comes in the form of accessory kits, including the "Red Carbon" kit for the Type R and HFP Series kits for Civic and Fit.

The "Red Carbon" kit is pretty much what you would expect. It's a complete complement of carbon fiber parts consisting of door mirror covers, rear wing spoiler, and interior parts for dressing up the look of Honda's hottest hatch. What makes them special is a red fiber woven into the carbon. It also comes with a few non-carbon bits, such as a red leather shift knob, illuminated center console, "R" logo sill plates, and an indoor car cover. Parts not included with the kit are the red grille treatment and white wheels seen on the car above. The complete kit costs $2,697.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

The HFP Series kit for the Civic Si isn't all visual upgrades. The big upgrade for it is the stiffer suspension components for improved handling. It also retains full functionality of the adaptive shocks. Other items included in the kit are red floor mats, 19-inch HFP wheels, body-color side skirts, and a red front spoiler. The complete set of parts runs $3,999 for both sedan and coupe.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips

On the Honda Fit, the changes are primarily visual. It features 16-inch wheels, sport pedals, a leather shift knob, spoilers front and rear, and HFP floor mats. The suspension is also lowered an inch. The Honda Civic hatchback has a similar package available, too.

Pricing for HFP kits on these hatchbacks does vary. On a standard Fit, the kit costs $2,799 for the automatic and $2,999 for the manual. The kits for the Fit Sport are $300 less for each. On the Civic hatchback, the kit costs $2,999 for a standard model, and $2,499 for the Sport. But if you're looking to save a bit of money, all of the HFP parts for the hatchbacks and the Civic Si are available a la carte. They'll also be available through your local Honda dealer as of November 20.

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