• Image Credit: McLaren
  • Image Credit: McLaren
  • Image Credit: McLaren
  • Image Credit: Patrick Gosling/ Beadyeye
McLaren is continuing development of the BP23 hypercar and today released new images highlighting its work on the three-seat interior. The company is testing the layout on a mule based on the 720S, as McLaren refines the interior configuration. McLaren says it is also considering digital mirror technology for the cabin.

As expected, the company confirmed the BP23 will be the fastest McLaren ever. A spokesperson wouldn't provide specifics but said the claim will not be based on lap times.

Information about the BP23 has been filtering out this year. BP23 is a codename, with 2 meaning it's McLaren Special Operations' second "bespoke project" and 3 meaning that it will seat three. The hypercar will have a hybrid powertrain, and it is the successor to the legendary F1.

McLaren will build 106 BP23s (or whatever its final name ends up being), though it has received demand for three times that many. That's also the number of F1s that were built from 1992 to 1998. We expect BP23 production to start in 2019, and the car will cost around $2.5 million.

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