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At least 84 hp more than the P1 and 'a better driving position' than other hypercars

At least 84 hp more than the P1 and 'a better driving position' than other hypercars.


Video shows the Speedtail name on car formerly known as BP23

McLaren has announced the new Ultimate Hyper-GT will be called the Speedtail instead of just "BP23."


It could be the real name for the BP23, but we have another theory

Last year McLaren Automotive Limited applied to trademark the name "McLaren GT" in the U.S. and the UK. Last week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the request. It's tempting to wonder if we're looking at the name of the new McLaren monster car, the three-seat road-going Ultimate Series offering so far known as BP23. McLaren has, after all, called the coupe a "Hyper-GT" in an official press release.


It'll be faster than the 243-mph McLaren F1

Will it top 250 mph?


It will be the fastest McLaren ever, company confirms.

Look for this hypercar around 2019.

Spy Shots

Or some sort of test mule for BP23?

Get a load of that aero package.


The second rumored McLaren Ultimate Series car in a month.


Three seats, due in 2019.

The most powerful and aerodynamic McLaren ever.


Codenamed BP23, it will be the most powerful McLaren ever.

Production is capped at 106, with about 30 coming to the US.


Steering wheel in the center, of course.

P1? What P1?