Tesla cuts price of 100D Model S and Model X

Save a few thousand on your top-spec Tesla

Pricing and trim levels at Tesla are quite fickle. Some low- and mid-level trims of 60 and 90 for the Model S and X have disappeared, and now both models are only available in 75D, 100D, and P100D iterations. Pricing continues to fluctuate, too. The Model S 75 models received a price drop a few months ago, as did the Model X 75D awhile later. At the same time as the entry-level Model S price drop, the 100-series S and X saw a price increase. Now, Tesla is going back on that by lowering 100-series pricing by a few thousand dollars.

According to Tesla's consumer website, the Model S and Model X 100D now have MSRPs that are cheaper by $3,500. That means the total prices (including destination charges) of each are $95,200 and $97,200 respectively. The P100D performance versions get a bigger price cut of $5,000. This means the total cost for a Model S P100D starts at $136,200, and the Model X P100D starts at $141,200.

Compared with pre-increase prices, the Model S 100D is $1,000 cheaper, and the P100D is $500. The Model X 100D is also a bit cheaper than the pre-increase price, too, with a difference of $2,500. The Model X P100D is actually still more expensive than the pre-increase price, though, costing $5,000 more.

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