Tesla drops price on Model S 75, adds new standard content

Model X gets new options. 100-kWh vehicle pricing will go up next week.

Tesla Model S Front Exterior
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  • Tesla Model S Front Exterior
  • Tesla Model S Front Exterior
  • Tesla Model S Front Exterior
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When Tesla wants to change pricing or available features for its electric offerings in its online configurator, it often does so quietly. This week, Tesla did that again, dropping the price of the Model S 75 and adding some standard equipment while deleting options, as Electrek points out. With the 60-kWh Model S being discontinued, the 75 is now the least expensive offering, and it got even cheaper overnight, dropping its starting price from $74,500 to $69,500. The 75D now costs $74,500. Tesla also dropped the price on the 90D to $87,500.

Additionally, the glass roof and automatic rear liftgate are standard equipment on the entry-level Model S. Gone, though, from the options sheet for the Model S 75 are the Smart Air Suspension and 72-amp onboard charger. You'll have to go upscale for those, with the suspension upgrade available starting in the Model S 90D, and the high-amp charger included in the 100D.

If you already own a 60- or 70-kWh version of the Model S, and want to upgrade to 75-kWh capacity via an over-the-air upgrade, that option is now less expensive, too. The range boost is $2,000 for the 60 (down from $9,000), and just $500 for the 70 (down from $3,500).

The Model S wasn't the only Tesla to get some Design Studio updates. The Model X now offers a new option of dark, 20-inch "Sonic Carbon" wheels, a $3,000 upgrade. Customers can also opt for a second-row center console in the six-seat configuration of the Model X, which adds two cupholders and a storage cubby under the armrest.

The range upgrade for 60-kWh Model X owners is also cheaper now. Unlocking the full 75 kWh of capacity costs $6,500 (down from $9,500).

Tesla will raise prices on its 100-kWh cars next week. Model S 100D will jump from $95,000 to $97,500, while the P100D will go from $134,500 to $140,000. For the Model X, the 100D changes from $98,500 to $99,500, while the P100D will rise from $135,500 to $145,000.

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