No, Cadillac is not killing its flagship CT6 sedan

Caddy's range-topping sedan does not sleep with the fishes.

Mark Twain never actually said that reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated. But if the Cadillac CT6 could talk, those are the exact words it would use. Speaking to Jalopnik, Cadillac chief Johan de Nysschen confirmed, emphatically, "There is absolutely no plan, at all, to cancel the CT6."

In fact, says de Nysschen, the CT6 will soon be the beneficiary of significant investment. "The [CT6] forms a very important part of our product strategy going forward for the brand. The car also has a very major contribution to make to the shaping of brand perceptions, and the transformational process that Cadillac is undergoing." For instance, expect the CT6 to spearhead General Motors' most advanced forays into self-driving automobile technology.

Interestingly, though, the Cadillac ATS and CTS sedans probably won't live past their current generations as the automaker 're-balances its sedan portfolio.' Replacement models are "in development" right now, says de Nysschen, which will "much more clearly separate the market position, both in terms of target customer demographics, in terms of market segments and in terms of price points between these three sedan lineups."

So, that's confirmation that the Cadillac CT6 is going to stick around for a while. But what of other models cited by Reuters to potentially be killed, like the Buick LaCrosse and Chevy Impala and Volt? Read our take on that here, but suffice it to say that we don't think they're in danger, either.

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