Hyperloop approved between NYC and D.C., says Elon Musk

The Boring Company will build it underground, with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Elon Musk loves to make big announcements on Twitter. Today, he says, he has received "verbal government approval" for his tunneling project, The Boring Company, to build a hyperloop connecting New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

The hyperloop would be built underground, says Musk, and would allow travel between NYC and D.C. in just 29 minutes. It would stop in the city centers, and commuters would access the stations via elevators.

Musk dreamed up the hyperloop as an ultra-fast form of ground transportation, and first proposed the idea in 2012. The system would use pods traveling through vacuum tubes with maglev technology. The combination of maglev and a near vacuum reduces the amount of drag the pods need to overcome, allowing them to travel at near-supersonic speeds. A number of companies are pursuing the idea, and working toward connecting cities and regions with hyperloop systems in various parts of the world. Musk's SpaceX company recently hosted a competition to build and test hyperloop pods in a test track at the company's California headquarters.

Musk also recently launched The Boring Company. With this company, he intends to reduce the cost of tunneling, and help reduce traffic congestion with an underground transport system. The Boring Company has begun digging in Los Angeles, where it envisions moving cars and people on electric skates through these underground tunnels.

Musk's Twitter announcement leaves a lot unsaid - especially as the agreement is only a verbal one at this point. It's also unclear which government agency he's referring to. He says, though, that after this hyperloop project, he wants to connect L.A. and San Francisco, as well as cities in Texas.

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