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Ford Motor Company has been a global concern almost as long as there has been a 'Motor Company'. And while it is omnipresent in most corners of the globe, few things spoke to that globalization more than Ford's purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover near the end of the last century. And with that purchase came shared platform opportunities, some of which didn't work (Jaguar's X-Type is the most notable, whose platform was shared with the Ford Mondeo), and some that did.

We'll focus on one that did: Jaguar's S-Type, whose engineering was common to the Lincoln LS. Sales didn't set the world on fire for either model, but there is something ageless about both; the Jag embraced a neo-classic theme, while Lincoln's LS is almost timeless within its 3-box, slab-sided architecture.

This for-sale example, located in Melbourne, Fla., looks to be in nice condition. If the mileage is accurate and the Carfax reasonably clean, it should provide miles and years of motoring pleasure, even if only driving to your rheumatologist. The LS borders on being a quiet collectible, with less obvious pleasure in the viewing, more obvious delight in the driving; that's especially true with this model's V8. And you can put the asking price on most credit cards!

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