The Chevrolet FNR-X concept wants to be all things to all people

  • Image Credit: Chevrolet
Two years ago at Auto Shanghai, Chevrolet revealed the wild Find New Roads, or FNR, concept car. This week, the automaker is following that up with the new FNR-X concept, a vehicle intended to be everything to everybody. This new concept is substantially toned down from the original FNR, though the "all-purpose sports concept vehicle" is still far from production ready.

Despite the nebulous categorization, the FNR-X is a crossover through and through. Chevy says it's a plug-in electric vehicle, though whether or not it has a functioning powertrain is left vague. To further boost efficiency, the FNR-X has adaptive suspension to lower the ride at high speeds, active grille shutters, and active aero on the wheels to reduce drag.

The overall exterior design is a combination of Chevrolet and generic crossover designs. The front looks like a stylized version of the Camaro ZL1, while the profile features the high waistline and floating roof design that can be found on a number of vehicles. The rear-hinged doors provide a huge opening for passengers. Out back, the sharply raked rear window and spoiler look sporty, but again a similar design can be found on vehicles like the Toyota C-HR. Like the front, the rear does pull some elements from the current Camaro.

The interior is typical of a concept. Ambient lighting changes color based on the different drive modes (V for versatility and S for Sport). The seats are trimmed in what Chevy calls "high-tech fabric." The infotainment display and instrument cluster both feature large OLED displays. Sensors can detect which person is behind the wheel and automatically adjust settings. The large HUD uses a number of augmented reality readouts on a 270-degree projection.

Look for the FNX-R to make its rounds at auto shows starting this fall.

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