A nearly 300-mph twin-turbo Ford GT sets a standing-mile record

This is purpose-built drag racer territory.

The Texas Mile is no stranger to ridiculously fast Ford GTs. Back in 2013, a Hennessey Ford GT topped out at 267.6 mph. This past weekend, M2K Motorsports put that number to shame, reaching 293.6 mph in its heavily modified 2006 Ford GT. Not only is that faster than the new $3 million Bugatti Chiron we just drove, it reached that speed in just one mile.

M2K's Ford GT is equipped with an Accufab-prepped 5.4-liter Ford V8 with two massive turbos. MoTeC handles the ECU, the ignition, and the car's data acquisition.The engine is packed into a relatively stock looking car, making it one hell of a sleeper. 200 mph is supercar territory. Running to nearly 300 mph puts it in NHRA dragster territory. We're sure the group will be working hard to push the car even faster.

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