2018 Porsche 911 S gets optional 30-horsepower performance kit

The refreshed Porsche 911 has been on sale for just over a year, but the German automaker is already rolling out some significant changes. For 2018, the entire Porsche lineup gets a host of new interior and exterior colors and an enhanced range of connectivity options. In addition, 911 S models get an optional performance kit that gives the cars a 30-horsepower bump. Current 911 owners that are feeling left in the dust will be able to retrofit the performance kit to their cars, providing they checked the box for the Sport Chrono package.

The performance package isn't just a simple engine tune. The kit includes larger turbochargers, the Sport Chrono package with dynamic engine mounts, a modified brake cooling system, and a sport exhaust system with two central tailpipes. It's expected to cost about $12,350 in the United States. The kit is available for all new 911 Carrera S, 911 Carrera 4S, and 911 Targa 4S models.

The other new 2018 model year improvements benefit the entire Porsche product line. Porsche is making the full suite of Porsche Connect services available to any car that already has the service. Currently, only the Panamera has full and complete access to all that Porsche Connect offers. The upgrade is offered free of charge, but depending on the model the process may require a visit to the dealer. Cars that left the factory before June 2016 will require an update, while those released after that should be ready to go.

The new service includes in-car WiFi with LTE access and, for customers in China and Japan, an enhanced concierge service. Customers will be able to book flights, rental cars, hotel rooms, and make restaurant reservations with saved credit card data. Once booked, the addresses will be added to the navigation system. The Connect Plus service is standard in the 911 and Panamera and is an option on all other Porsches.

Finally, 2018 brings a number of new interior and exterior colors. Certain colors are reserved for certain models, but with enough money we're sure Porsche could make an exception. Saffron Yellow Metallic is an exclusive 911 color while Palladium Metallic can only be found on the Cayenne. Photos aren't yet available, but look for some pretty new pictures soon.

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