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We love the Lotus Evora, whether it's in the current 400 trim or new 410 trim, and now an enthusiast has ordered up perhaps the coolest livery. It's an Evora 410 in an Esprit tribute scheme. And it isn't modeled after just any first-generation Esprit, but rather the car featured in the James Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me. The car is a one-off commissioned by a customer through the Lotus Exclusive program, which offers buyers the opportunity to have the car customized with special paint, graphics, body work, and interiors.

In the case of this particular Evora 410, the car has a white paint job and features a bumper and blacked-out grille. Extending from the top of the grille is a black stripe that bisects the body. These cues represent the black bumper and stripes of the Esprit. Another nice touch is the Evora name on the panels just aft of the side windows. They've been written in the same font as the classic Esprit. Lotus also points out that the bare carbon-fiber engine cover is meant to look a bit like the glass hatch of the original car. They're all simple, subtle touches, but they come together to create a classy and convincing tribute.

Inside, things only get better. The upholstery features Tartan inserts that were popular and common on '70s sports cars. The shift knob is also now made from wood. They're joined by a heaping helping of black Alcantara and red stitching. Mechanically, this Evora 410 is effectively unchanged from the standard model. But as we said, that's fine since the standard model, with its 410-horsepower supercharged V6, is excellent. It should be noted though that, being a standard 410, it does not have the ability to travel underwater.

As mentioned at the top, this car is presently a one-off built for a customer using Lotus Exclusive. So don't expect to start seeing these at dealer lots. However, you probably could still order a similar car through Lotus Exclusive. Or you could use the program to customize your Evora 410 some other way, say in black and gold like the John Player Special Lotus F1 cars, or maybe the company's green and yellow racing colors. All we're saying is, as cool as this is, don't let that restrict you from trying something new.

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