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This particular pregnancy-pic Porsche has quite the patina.

Footage released this week of a traffic stop in Indiana shows police throwing a man to the ground, pointing a gun at a woman in labor, and scheming to delete the video evidence of their dangerously mismanaged traffic stop.

Baby couldn't wait for trip to the hospital

A photographer in Australia captured some once-in-a-lifetime images of her client giving birth in a car on the way to the hospital.

Nurse helped deliver first of twin boys while on scene

A Florida woman gave birth in the back of her car after a crash halted her trip to the hospital.


There's more scientific research on the hazardous impacts of air pollution. Researchers at the Universirty of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health have found that living near traffic pollution during pregnancy and the first year of life might increase the likelihood of developing childhood cancer.


You think someone you know had a difficult pregnancy? A 32-year-old mother-to-be in Germany found herself in a serious accident recently. According to The Local, the woman was driving along when she felt her unborn child give her a swift kick in the side. The pain was so intense that she apparently lost control of her vehicle, struck a lamppost and promptly flipped the machine on its side. From there, it slid into a garden fence and came to a stop.

Dodge is looking to spur sales in Germany while at the same time increase the country's birth rate in a new marketing campaign that's one for the ages. German women who come to a Dodge dealership with proof of procreation and the resultant pregnancy will get a discount on the Dodge car or minivan of their dreams. Apparently, the birth rate in Germany is precariously low, which has led Dodge to, ahem, conceive this idea. Expecting moms get nine months (clever) deferred financing if they can prese