Just a couple of weeks ago, Jay Leno's Garage featured a classy 1,000-horsepower Camaro built by Ringbrothers. This week's 1,000-horsepower car is that Camaro's polar opposite. Built by Timeless Customs, this 1965 Mustang, named "Vicious," is anything but subtle or tasteful. In fact, Jason Pecikonis of Timeless Customs says as much in the video. However, as you'll see in the video, the craftsmanship and ambition of this vehicle can be appreciated by anyone.

Pecikonis explains that nearly the whole car has been redone, since it started as a 1965 Mustang coupe with a six-cylinder engine. They added the fastback, and of course the wild V8. That engine started as a standard 5.0-liter GT350 V8, but it now displaces 5.1 liters. Timeless Customs also swapped the flat-plane crankshaft for a more traditional forged crank. Pecikonis said that decision was made so the engine could handle the 26 pounds of boost produced by the supercharger and twin-turbochargers.

All that power is sent through an air-shifted 6-speed sequential transmission and down to an independent rear end from Art Morrison. Enormous 12-inch wide tires at the front and 14-inch tires at the back provide grip at each independently suspended corner. The Mustang also comes with 15.5-inch carbon ceramic Brembo brakes all around.

Many aspects of this Mustang's all-steel body are designed with functionality in mind, too. The mega-sized fender flares are there to cover the equally huge tires. Massive air inlets below the bumper provide air to the turbochargers' intercoolers. The fenders have bulges at the tops to fit the turbos' piping, and vents on each front fender are actually intake boxes.

There are so many more fascinating details to this mad Mustang. Click the video above to check them out.

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