Recharge Wrap-up: Gas taxes below 20% in 2015, see more of Yosemite in a Tesla Model X

Nigeria needs a lot of biodiesel; FLO charging network expands in Ontario.

Check out Yosemite National Park through the giant windshield of the Tesla Model X. Scenic drives are made better when you can actually see the scenery, as exemplified in this relaxing video shot by a Model X passenger. Check it out above, or, if you feel so inclined, read more praises at Teslarati.

EV charging company AddÉnergie will expand its FLO charging network in Ontario, Canada. Using funding from Canada's Department of Natural Resources, the FLO network will get 25 new chargers, located at Canadian Tire Gas+ stations. It represents a $1.8 million (Canadian) investment, of which the Department of Natural Resources is providing half. The government funding is part of a larger program to build out Canada's alternative fueling network – including EV fast charging, natural gas, and hydrogen fueling stations – along major roadways throughout the country. Read more in the press release from AddÉnergie.

Nigeria needs 2.4 million liters (about 634,000 gallons) of biodiesel per day to adhere to the Paris Agreement. This is according to the Jatropha Growers, Processors, and Exporters Association of Nigeria (JaGPEAN). The group argues that Nigeria needs to accelerate production of the Jatropha plant, which is used to make biodiesel. With a goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020, Nigeria needs a large amount of biodiesel to blend into its fuel supply at a ratio of 20 percent. JaGPEAN has plans for farmers to grow 100,000 hectares (about 247,000 acres) of Jatropha in 2017, ramping up to 2.5 million hectares (almost 6.2 million acres) within five years. Read more from The Nation.

Gasoline taxes in the US were below 20 percent of total cost in 2015. Taxes made up 27 percent of the cost in 1990, and just 19 percent in 2015. In France, Germany, and the UK, taxes made up more than half of gasoline costs in those same years. Canada and Japan also had significantly higher gas taxes than the US. Canada's taxes made up 40 percent in 1990, but dropped to 36 percent in 2015. Read more at Green Car Congress, or from the DOE.

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