McLaren's all-electric P1 shows its stuff in new video

All in good fun, right?

If you like your McLaren's electric and fast, then the company has a video for you. Click above to see a short video of the testing process of the new P1 EV. Center driver's seat? Check. Open top? Of course. And did we mention that it hits it's top speed in under two seconds? Oh, yeah.

Ok, fine. The McLaren P1 Ride-on edition is a bit of a joke, but until the hybrid BP23 comes along, we'll take it (if only as a gift for the little EV fans in our lives. It's funny how dreams of electric McLarens seem to come up in all sorts of shapes and sizes from time to time. If you want to satisfy your McLaren EV urges now, you can get the Ride-on in Volcano Yellow for just under $500.

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