McLaren is making a three-seat successor to the F1

Steering wheel in the center, of course.

They had us at three seats. McLaren just announced a new car, currently called BP23, that is the spiritual successor for the iconic F1 supercar. Just 106 will be made, the same number as the F1, and they're already sold out. And yes, it will have a three-seat configuration.

BP23 is short for "Bespoke Project 23" and, hey, McLaren has never been strong on names. This the company that launched its current road-going car lineup with the memorable title of MP4-12C, after all. What few details we have, though, point to a everything else about the car being amazing.

McLaren calls the BP23 a Hyper GT, because it's designed for long-distance travel. The powertrain will be a hybrid, which we expect to exceed the 904 horsepower total output of the P1. Inside, every single piece of switchgear will be unique to the BP23. Along with the three-seat configuration, the new car will also feature the dihedral doors that are now a McLaren calling card, but with a twist. This time around the doors will be power operated and extend into the roof, Ford GT40-style. And in case you were wondering, yes, the body is all carbon fiber.

Pricing has yet to be revealed, but we're told it's seven figures. Which is incredibly vague. Then again, if you haven't already had a meeting with McLaren Special Operations, the price doesn't matter.

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