The Tech of Automobility LA 2016 | Translogic 211

The world of automobiles is changing. Long gone are the days when auto shows showcased cars exclusively. For 2016, while we're rethinking transportation, what was previously the LA Auto Show is doing the same. Rebranded as Automobility LA, the event showcases all of the exciting new technological innovations that will keep people moving for years to come. On this Translogic, host Jonathon Buckley had the opportunity to walk the show floor before the general public and he brings us along for the ride.

Bucko starts his tour by speaking to the CEO of Ford Motor Company, Mark Fields. The significance of the name change of the LA event isn't lost on Fields, who sees a similar shift in the way Ford will continue its business in the future. "People's mindset is changing from owning, to owning and sharing vehicles. And so we're looking at that phenomenon and we're saying to ourselves, 'Hey, how do we become part of the solution for that,'" Fields said about the future of Ford.

After testing out an interesting new mode of personal transportation called Carr-E that looks almost like a ride-on Roomba, our host was able to grab Sebastian Blanco, Editor of AutoblogGreen, for a chat. Among the topics of discussion was whether or not the new direction of the show actually made it any more "green." You'll have to watch to find out the answer and see what else was going on in LA. We hope you enjoy this exciting new look at the future of mobility on this episode of Translogic.

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