While some drivers in the US promote their political beliefs or the aptitude of their middle school child on the back of their cars, Chinese drivers are sticking it to rude motorists with creepy decals on their rear windows. South China Morning Post reported on the trend this week, but warned drivers they could be in trouble for any accidents their scary windows cause.

The decals, which feature ghostly images and characters from popular horror movies, are hard to see in low light. The spooky images only appear when hit with high beams. The Chinese website Taobao sells several different options for drivers tired of being blinded by careless motorists. The reviewers on the product pages are enthusiastic about the effects.

"It looks great," one buyer said according to the Morning Post. "Let's see who still follows my car with full beam headlights on."

There are also sticker options that are even more to the point. One reads in both Chinese and English "Turn off your f-cking high beams." While the stickers seem like an elegant solution to a common problem in China, officials are less than thrilled with the decals. In Jinan, China, drivers with the frightening stickers face fines and tickets. Police say such drivers will bear any responsibility for startling other drivers and causing crashes. However, Chinese media has reported that drivers have died in crashes caused by blinded by high beams. The problem is so pervasive that police in Shenzhen, China, now force drivers caught abusing their high beams to stare directly at the brights for a full minute, UPI reported.

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