Recharge Wrap-up: 10-year sentence for biodiesel fraudsters, overhead fast charging EV buses in Luxembourg

Toyota uses addressable TV for Prius Prime ads.

Toyota will use addressable TV advertising to target potential Prius Prime customers. By choosing to advertise in households with specific attributes, Toyota hopes to grab the attention of buyers who "see their vehicle as an extension of their consumption of advanced technology," according to Toyota Motors Sales media manager Lisa McQueen. The ad depicts a person who is skeptical of various inventions throughout history until he finds himself inside the Prius Prime. Hyundai has also used addressable TV ads for its Genesis brand. Read more at Automotive News.

Two Florida men have each been sentenced to over 10 years in prison for biodiesel credit fraud. Thomas Davanzo and Robert Fedyna of Gen-X Energy Group and its subsidiary Southern Resources and Commodities were convicted of buying fuel that had already been sold with Renewable Identification Numbers, then fraudulently claiming more credits on that fuel. The scheme raked in more than $46 million, mostly in selling the fraudulent credits. Critics of the Renewable Fuel Standard point to incidents like this as a reason to oppose the program. Read more from Reuters.

Volvo electric buses in Luxembourg will use Heliox Fast Charge systems. Public transport operator Sales-Lentz has ordered three of the Heliox systems that will charge the buses using pantograph (overhead wire) contacts. The chargers will be placed at end-of-route stops for opportunistic charging of the transport agency's four Volvo 7900 electric buses. The 450-kW, Wi-Fi-enabled OppCharge system automatically connects the charger to contact plates on the roofs of the vehicles, charging them in three to six minutes. Read more at Green Car Congress.

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