The 2017 Range Rover Sport conquers the Inferno ski course at 96 mph

Save for a roll cage, the stunt featured a production model.

It's all downhill for Land Rover – in this video, at least. As a promotional stunt, Land Rover hired a man formerly known as The Stig to do a special run: drive the 2017 Range Rover Sport down a demanding mountain course, off the path beaten for cars, as quickly as possible.

The course is the location of the world's longest downhill ski race, the Inferno. The race has been held in the Swiss Mürren village since 1928, and it is where the ski chase depicted in the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) was filmed. It's definitely a suitable venue for a British-built sport utility vehicle to lend some credibility to the word "sport." The course is over nine miles long, descending over 7,000 feet vertically, and features gradients as steep as 75 percent. Annually, more than 1,800 competitors take part in the Inferno race; it is rarer to use a car for the same purpose.

Collins' tool featured the 510-horsepower, supercharged V8, and the "Rangie" was stock save for some extra security measures: it was fitted with a roll cage in case Collins put a foot wrong, and for that reason the airbags were disabled, as they wouldn't have had enough space to inflate. It took Collins 21 minutes and 36 seconds to complete the task, with the Range Rover reaching speeds up to 96 mph in places. In addition to the film, Land Rover also provided a behind-the-scenes look to the stunt's filming, as it insists no CGI was used. The British USV maker has a history of stunts like this, including Legos and a huge loop.

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