Why Ken Block gave his Hoonicorn 1,400 horsepower

Stunt driver previews a new spin on the Gymkhana series.

When Ken Block released details of the new Hoonicorn V2 and its outrageous 1,400 horsepower powertrain, the driver claimed that an upcoming project necessitated the drastic increase of power. Thanks to a short clip from Toyo Tires' YouTube page, we now know that Block is looking to drift up Pikes Peak in a new video that is being referred to as "Climbkhana."

This teaser video, which has Block burning rubber up the 12.42-mile hill climb, claims the first Climbkhana video will be out in the Summer of 2017 and is expected to become a new series in a similar fashion to Block's Gymkhana.

It's refreshing to see Block, and the revised Hoonicorn V2 breaking out of the regular Gymkhana mold. Gymkhana 9, which had Block drifting around an industrial park in a highly-modified Ford Focus RS was a slight variation of the same things we've seen before. Block takes an insane, purpose-built drift machine around a unique location with stunts thrown in. The recipe, despite having some new additions every time, has become a bit stale. Block's Gymkhana series has even become the target of parody videos that look to highlight just how ridiculous the series has become.

This new Climbkhana series, then, is a nice change of venue for Block and the perfect way to test out his upgraded Hoonicorn V2. As a quick reminder for those living under a rock, the customized Ford Mustang has been upgraded to produce 1,400 horsepower from its 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 thanks to a custom twin-turbo setup and methanol. The clip captured our interest and now we can't wait to see the final product.

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