Watch this perfect parody of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos

Every one of Ken Block's Gymkhana videos is bigger and more ridiculous than the last. The goal at this point seems to top the previous production, be it with a custom AWD Mustang ripping through the streets of Los Angeles or a rally-prepped Ford Fiesta drifting around Dubai. Well, the YouTube channel Car Bros decided that the format was ripe for parody and have produced their own short video. It's called "Gympkhana: A #Viral Car #Action Video" and it captures everything that is overwrought and fun about the Gymkhana series.

While the scale of Block's videos has increased and the productions are still entertaining, every new Gymkhana seems to rehash the same sights and sounds without really trying anything new. Rev the engine here, drift around there, spin 10 times inside this box, and then circle around that object. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat.

Car Bros have produced a number of parody videos and the group seems to really get the finer details of the subjects they're spoofing. Everything you would expect from a Block video is here. Gympkhana features shaky title cards, gratuitous slow-motion camera work, and multiple drone shots with helicopter sounds dubbed in.

It's obvious that the group took their time to plan out and capture the perfect low-budget Gymkhana. These guys prove that you don't need big, expensive productions with exotic vehicles in exotic locations to have some fun with a few cameras and a car.

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